Vaquera Ranch is the vision come to fruition of its founder, Pam Oshay.

Since the age of 5, Pam knew she wanted to live on a ranch with horses and finally at the age of 50, her dream came true. In 2013, Pam purchased Vaquera Ranch and set the wheels in motion to turn it’s 65 acres into a horsewoman’s paradise.

From the renovation of the barn, to the building of the guesthouse in 2018, Vaquera Ranch has become the ultimate horsewoman’s escape.

Pam lives here full-time with her 3 dogs, 8 horses, 2 miniature horses, 2 Sicilian donkeys, a flock of chickens, 9 Nigerian Dwarf goats and 15 sheep. She enjoys welcoming guests and sharing her lifelong pursuit with others who appreciate the value of nature and share her love of horses.

Pam Oshay